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Eden Rock Hotel, St. Barths


Date: April 9, 2012 - April 18, 2012

Who: My boyfriend and I

Where: The Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barths

Budget: $40,000 ($28,046.62 for the hotel and flights and the rest of the money would be for food, activities, and spending)

It would be an absolute dream for me to go to the Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barths.

Eden Rock was one of the first hotels to be built on the island of St. Barths around 1950. Eden Rock is the ultimate luxury retreat in St. Barths and it is rated one of the Top 100 hotels in the world. On my dream vacation I would stay in one of the Heavenly Beach Houses because they are one to two bedrooms, which would be perfect for my boyfriend and myself. The Heavenly Beach Houses are split level houses with views across the lawn, sandy beach, and the turquoise ocean water of the Caribbean Sea just beyond. This would be the most amazing, relaxing and luxurious vacation so I would ensure that we had the most spectacular accommodations. The Beach Houses have day beds so if you don’t want to leave the house you are able to sit in the sun right in the comfort of your own house. The Beach Houses also have comfortable sitting rooms, flat screen satellite televisions, dvd players, complimentary high speed internet access, and spa pools. The amenities are extremely important to me because I believe that if you are spending a lot of money on a vacation you should have everything you want right at your fingertips and at the Eden Rock Hotel all of the amenities are right there for you to enjoy!

For more information about the Eden Rock Hotel please visit their website here! The four images below are also from the hotel’s website as well as the image above.

The Price Tag for my Dream Vacation:

My boyfriend and I would be going to the Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barths for a 10 day vacation from April 9, 2012 till April 18, 2012. The Eden Rock Hotel is not a cheap place to stay on the island, however, for my dream vacation I would make an exception. According to my research the best time to visit St. Barths is in May or June because the weather is great and the prices are considerably lower. Most people that travel to St. Barths tend to go around Christmas, so it is exceptionally expensive during that time. I decided to go in April because December to April is considered the best few months to vacation since there is little chance of rain and a lot of sunshine. Also, my birthday is on April 14th so it would mean a lot to me if I could be celebrating my birthday on my Dream Vacation with my boyfriend. The prices actually change on my birthday and go down so the rates would be lower on the last five days of the trip, compared to the first five days. 

The first five nights are priced at € 2,125 per night, which totals € 10,625. The next five nights are priced at € 1,450, which totals € 7,250. Therefore, the total for 10 nights would be € 17,875, which equals $24,652.68 once it is converted from euro’s to Canadian dollars. This vacation is a dream vacation because I would not be able to afford this trip this coming April. Hopefully one day in my life I will actually be able to fulfill this vacation and live my dream. 

The image above was found here !

The Journey to and from my Dream Vacation:

St. Barths is not an easy place to get to from Toronto, ON. There are no direct flights due to its location, so my boyfriend and I would be flying economy class and we would have two stop-overs each way. I choose US Airways because it is reasonably priced, reliable, and I have flown with them before so I am familiar with the company and their policies. On our way down to St. Barths we are leaving Toronto (YYZ) at 6:29am, stopping over in Charlotte (CLT), then stopping over in Philipsburg (SXM) and taking our final plane to Gustavia (SBH). We will arrive at Gustavia Airport at 2:35pm which means that we will have enough time to enjoy the last few hours of sunlight once we have checked into the hotel. The total duration of the trip is 8 hours and 6 minutes with the connections. The hotel is within 2 kilometers of the airport so it should only be a short taxi ride, which is amazing. 

For our journey home we will be leaving Gustavia Airport at 12:35pm, stopping over in Philisburg and Charlotte, eventually making our way to Toronto. We land in Toronto at 10:01pm, so the duration of the trip home is 9 hours and 26 minutes, which is slightly longer than the trip there. 

The total cost of flights equals $3,054.00 for two adults plus taxes and fee’s of $339.94, which ends up being $3,393.94

Therefore, the total cost of the flights and accommodations equals a grand total of $28,046.62.

Why the Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barths?

I absolutely adore fashion, music, and traveling. One day I aspire to be able to frequent popular “hot spots” such as, St. Barths and Cannes. I spend a lot of time updating myself with celebrity culture and I know that St. Barths is an extremely popular place for famous people and wealthy people to travel to. I chose St. Barths for my dream vacation because I want to immerse myself within the French culture of the island and “live the dream” of luxury. St. Barth is mainly French because it is part of France. Legally, it is a dependency island of Guadeloupe, which in turn is an Overseas Department and Region of France. St. Barths signifies glamour, beauty, and quality in all areas, such as, the hotels, the people, the shopping, the island, the food, the music and the parties. St. Barths collects so many celebrities every year, especially in the winter, that some writers are calling the island “Hollywood South.” The hotels on the island of St. Barths are on the smaller scale to ensure tranquility and discretion. Everything about St. Barths is perfection and being fortunate enough to travel there without worrying about how much it is going to cost would be a dream come true.

My motivation for going to St. Barths with my boyfriend would be to find an escape from reality. This would be our time to just get away from the city, school, and work, and enjoy each other’s company as well as, some relaxation. I love hot vacations and there is nothing better than landing on an exotic island, far away from wherever you live, with the warm air, the cool breeze, and the sound of the ocean. The hotel is situated in the Baie de St. Jean, which is surrounded by a living coral reef. The villa’s and hotel’s are spectacular, the beaches are pearl white, the ocean waters sparkle in the sun, and the fish are caught fresh everyday, who wouldn’t want to go there?

I did some research and looked up the resort on . 69 out of 86 reviews said that the resort was excellent and that it was “Eden Rock Heaven.” The reviews stated that the service was impeccable, the location was perfect and the food was delicious. People’s personal images of the resort and the island looked identical to other images I have found online, which makes me feel more confident about my decision to stay at the Eden Rock Hotel, while staying on St. Barths. I believe that it is important to research the hotel you are thinking of staying at to see what other people have said about it. That way you receive a more realistic perspective on what people really thought about the hotel. 

The image above was found here!

Discover Saint Barthélemy

The French West Indies refers to the seven territories currently under French sovereignty in the Antilles islands of the Caribbean: the two overseas departments of Guadeloupe (Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre) and Martinique, the two overseas collectivities of Saint Martin and St. Barths, plus islands, of Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, and La Desirade, dependencies of Guadeloupe for the moment. (Wikipedia)

St. Barths is a beautiful Caribbean paradise. The summer is from May to November, which is also the rainy season. Winter is from December to April and that is considered the dry season. English is understood in all of the main tourist places, such as, hotels and restaurants, however, French is the native tongue of the population. Two different types of French are spoken on the island, the St. Barths French patois and Creole French. Since my boyfriend and I would be going in April we would arriving right before the rainy season, so the weather should be spectacular. I attended a French Immersion school up until I graduated high school so I am very familiar with French. One of the reasons St. Barths is my dream vacation is because I would be able to practice my French on the island and really surround myself in a different culture. 


The Euro, the currency of the European Union, replaced the French Franc in 2002. Dollars are accepted everywhere, and prices are often quoted in dollars. Currently, 1 Euro = 1.3515 U.S. dollars. Overall, the trip is going to be extremely expensive so my boyfriend and I will have to refrain from doing an excessive amount of shopping. The two of us will be focusing more on the beautiful scenery, the delicious food, and the wonderful company of one another. 

The Euro Coins and Bills image was found here!

Time Zone:

There is a one hour time difference between St. Barths and the East Coast. Therefore, when it is 3:00pm in St. Barths it is 2:00pm in Toronto or New York. The island tells time the French way on the 24hr clock, so when it is 3:00pm in St. Barths all of the clocks will display 15hrs. I am not familiar with the 24 hour clock so I know that I will find it difficult at the beginning of the trip, but hopefully by the end I will be able to understand the clock without having to count with my fingers. 

The two images below were found here!

There are countless things to do on the island for different types of travelers.

1. The Adventurous Traveler: This type of traveler is looking for excitement, while on vacation. St. Barths offers a wide variety of sport activities such as, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, tennis, volleyball, hiking and horseback riding. The adventurous traveler will not be satisfied with just sitting in a lounge chair all day because the adventurous traveler will look at the beautiful landscape and want to explore the crystal clear ocean, check out the exotic animals, and enjoy the wide variety of activities. If you are the adventurous type you will not be left out because there is plenty to do on this beautiful, exotic island. 

2. The Relaxed Sight-Seer: This type of traveler isn’t necessarily going to be the first one up to go surfing or scuba diving. This type of traveler is more interested in discovering the true beauty of the island, while possibly checking out some shops in the local town and some delicious local restaurants. St. Barths has 14 beautiful beaches that are known for their gleaming white sand. All of them are public and free. Prepare yourself to see some topless woman as they embrace the French culture and catch some rays. There are several fitness centers for those travelers who want to keep up their daily workout routine and many spas to enjoy. St. Barths is a duty free port with a large number of shops for all of those fashionista’s.

3. Someone in Between: This type of traveler may be interested in doing more than simply relaxing in a lounge chair all day, however, this type of traveler does not want to be doing wild activities all day either. This traveler is searching for the perfect combination between relaxation and adventure. Someone in between could partake in an activity such as, snorkeling with the turtles because it is relaxing, as well as, adventurous. This activity allows you to experience something special as you escape the hot sun for a bit.

Visit this website for more information on the activities available (

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The St. Barth Film Festival:

During my vacation the St. Barth Film Festival is taking place from April 12-17. This offers the population of St. Barths the chance to discover films and filmmakers of the Caribbean basin. This year marks the 16th season of the festival, which is extremely exciting for the locals. Perhaps, I will get a chance to watch one of the films during my trip if I am lucky enough! I attended the Toronto International Film Festival this past year and would love to check out other film festivals around the world. 

For more information about the Film Festival visit:

My Daily Itinerary: 

I love being active, however, when I travel and am playing the role of a tourist I tend to be extremely lazy. All I need when I am on vacation is warm weather, sunshine, cocktails, a comfortable lounge chair by the ocean and I am good to go! I could simply sit on that one chair all day, while taking frequent dips in the ocean when I get hot. For me, this is an ideal day on vacation but since I would be on this trip with my boyfriend I know that I would have to partake in a few activities to keep him satisfied. After a few days of sitting by the pool or ocean, it is fun to be a little more adventurous and go snorkeling or surfing. 

I can be completely satisfied without any planned activities or excursions. I find it fun to go exploring and to discover things without the help of a guide or a member of the hotel’s staff. Things like beach walks allow you to get a first hand glance at some of the island’s natural beauty and exotic wild life, as well as scuba diving because you are able to explore some of the secrets of the perfectly blue ocean. My boyfriend and I are shockingly similar so we like to do the same activities, which makes everything a lot easier. 

My typical day at a coastal destination:

9:30am - wake up and get ready for breakfast and the beach

10:00am - go to breakfast 

10:45am - find that perfect lounge chair and hit the beach

1:30pm - go to lunch

2:30pm - go back to the beach

4:00pm - happy hour cocktails

6:00pm - go back to the room to get ready for the evening festivities

7:30pm-8:00pm - head to dinner 

10:30pm - head out on the town for a few drinks

1:00am - go home for some beauty sleep and then do it all again

After settling into the Eden Rock Hotel I would want to grab a cocktail and head down to the beach for sunset and play this song. The song is called Paradise and is by Coldplay. Every time I hear this song it makes me think of my dream vacation and the happiness I would feel when finally escaping reality. 

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